Committed to educating and empowering patients to maximize their life's potential.

Whether you have injured your neck in an auto accident, your back at work, your shoulder at the gym or your knee skiing, at BKP we will get you back to work and play the natural way!

We specialize in sports injuries, personal injury and workers compensation. We do not put you on long term treatment plans and ask for large sums of money up front. We accept most insurance and have a very reasonable payment plan for those without insurance.

What our patients say

  • I am a big fan of Dr. Cappi. I always feel better when I leave then when I go.

    Evan H.,

  • I go to Dr. Cappi. He is the best chiropractor Dr. I've ever seen. I feel very comfortable with him and he always make my pain go away. I talk so good about him and now my brother goes there too! He has a great staff behind him. The girls are nice/helpful and is happy to explain any questions you have.

    Skj T.,